5 Things You Should Never say to a Bicycle lover

5 Things You Should Never Say to a Bicycle Lover

Everything isn’t for everybody, but bikes come pretty close! For those of us who love life on two wheels, the bicycle might seem like a human necessity. For others, such a statement might seem overdramatic. All in all, if you don’t love bikes but know someone who does, here are the 5 things you should NEVER say to a bicycle lover.

Why would you bike there when you can just drive?

This question is asked more often than it ever should be. It highlights the notion that adopting cycling as a respectable mode of transportation in America will take more than some green paint or bike racks. This idea requires a mindset change.

Bikes are just for kids and middle-aged white men in spandex.

Well, that is confusing! Essentially what this is saying is that there is a point and time in life where one can be both too old AND too young to ride a bike?! I wonder if this type of talk is in any way correlated to the quarter life crisis.

The beautiful thing about bicycles is that they know no age, status, race, or gender.

Do you really need another bike?

Every bike serves its purpose. You wouldn’t use a beach cruiser to go mountain biking, so why limit yourself to just one bike? If the lifestyle calls for it, collect as many bicycles as you please. Still not convinced? This Bikeyface comic will help.

I hate it when I see a cyclist on the road. They just get in the way.

Just imagine how we feel. Cars are everywhere! Have you seen the size of a bike lane in comparison to the space allowed for cars? Also, there is more than enough room for you to go around, as long as you give us at least 3 feet.


And lastly the most brutal…


I bought this bike from Walmart.

No. Just……no.



What do you think? What other soul-crushing remarks have you heard?


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