Connecting people to their environments through carefree, sustainable, adventure on two wheels.


Drifflo is a bicycle blog that provides suggestions on some of the best routes to explore the city and notable stops along the way.

There are many resources out there for experienced cyclists, but what about the other guys and girls that just want to ride? Bicycles don’t have to be just for sport or a workout, it can be practical too!

Drifflo was created as a way to help connect people to their environments via bicycle. Consider this blog as the casual rider’s ultimate guide to adventure. No spandex suits. No cycling shoes. Just a bicycle and the will to explore!



Hi, my name is Jenée and I am the author and rider behind the drifflo blog. I love bikes and cities so I decided to marry the two and create this blog. The idea for drifflo first began as a way for me to recall all of the routes I came up with while out riding with friends. Once I got started thinking about the specifics, I immediately felt compelled to share these with everyone!

I am a former GSU Panther, so I spent most of my undergrad navigating the streets of downtown Atlanta. During that time, I also discovered my passion for urban planning and design. I believe that cities have so much to offer, and it just takes a little bit of exploring to see what is out there.

When I’m not on a bike…

Latest Netflix Binge: Madam Secretary/The Newsroom

Favorite Band: The Black Keys

Favorite Podcasts: We’re Alive, Millennial, Radiolab, The Truth

Last Read: Street Fight by Janette Sadik- Khan

Currently Reading: [rereading] Walkable City by Jeff Speck

Favorite Artist: Pascal Campion

Traveled: Amsterdam, Venice, Paris, Florence, Rome, New York, Philly, D.C.