Black History Route

Black History Route

It’s leap year, which means there’s an extra day this February to celebrate Black History Month! This route is perfect for visiting two of Atlanta’s most popular attractions for learning more about black history.

The route begins at The King Center. This area offers plenty of great opportunities to learn more about Dr. King and his family. The tomb, fountain, house and National Historic Site are all within close walking/riding distance of each other. Speaking of riding, this end of Auburn ave. is not very bicycle friendly. There are no bike racks nearby and bicycles are not allowed on the premises. Bike racks can be found on Edgewood, the next street over, but rider preference will determine if you want to be that far away from your bike.

The King Center

The downside about this route (no pun intended) is that it is very hilly! The first major hill you will encounter is on Jackson st., but it has a bike lane that will take you to the Freedom Park Trail on the left-hand side of Highland Ave. The hills will continue all the way through Baker street which will lead straight to the next featured stop on this route.

Pemberton Place is a tourists dream stop, but for this route, we will focus on the new Center for Civil and Human Rights. This museum does an amazing job at giving its visitors an in-depth and heartfelt look at the civil rights movement. A pleasant perk about this place is that it actually accommodates bicycles! Need a water break? No problem, there are restaurants, public restrooms, vending machines and a cafe all  located within the area.


Total Distance: ~3.5mi.

Total Duration: ~33min.

  • Very hilly
  • Freedom Park Trail Compatible
  • Traffic heavy roads
  • Minimal bike lanes
  • Location based bicycle parking
  • Tourist attractions
  • Experienced city riding required

Nearby Transit: Civic Center Station, Streetcar – King Historic District


Follow the link below to get the detailed directions for this route:

Black History Route

Black History Route

Craving more history? Check out Civil Bikes and sign up to go on one of their guided historic bike tours.

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