Paris on Ponce

City of Love

It is the season of love in the city of love! Well… not quite. While Paris is the true city of love, traveling from the U.S. to France by bike is a little challenging, so this Parisian themed route will have to do.

There are quite a few French themed restaurants, shops, and bakeries in Atlanta, but this route includes two of the most unique. The first stop, Paris on Ponce, is located right on the BeltLine. The location makes it easy to hop off your bike and walk straight in, but there’s not that many places to secure your bicycle. Paris on Ponce is filled with quirky, nostalgic and downright weird items that will strike up the most unusual conversations.

After making it through the weekend crowds on the Eastside trail of the BeltLine , the next phase of the route leads to the bike lanes on Edgewood. The downhill terrain is easy, but watch out for parked cars in bike lanes, broken glass, and of course the Atlanta Streetcar. The remainder of the route will require some leg strength as it alternates between slight uphills and flat roads. Don’t be afraid to dismount and take a break before covering the last stretch of road to the next stop. I recommend Ebrik Coffee Room. (It’s not French but they have drinks, snacks and bike parking)

Once on Marietta street, the road is marked with occasional sharrows, but they disappear as you near the next stop. The next location is Amélie’s a French-themed bakery near Georgia Tech. Without proper bike infrastructure nearby, use caution while riding and turning into this area. Sadly, bike racks are scarce at this location as well. Inside there is plenty of seating, outlets, and baked treats to indulge in after a great ride!


Total Distance: 9.6mi

Total Duration: ~ 1hr 10min

  • Atlanta Beltline compatible
  • Bike Lanes
  • Minimal sharrows
  • Scenic route
  • Some traffic-heavy roads
  • Free wifi
  • Slight uphills
  • Scarce bike parking
  • Along partial streetcar route

Nearby Transit: Five Points, Peachtree Center

Nearby Bike Shop: Beltline Bikes


Follow the link below to get the detailed directions for this route:

The City of Love

City of Love Route

*There are quicker ways to get to and from the locations mentioned in this route, but this one was intended to be a more scenic option.


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