Path400 Buckhead wall

Exploring the Path400 Trail

Get a taste of biking in Buckhead with this quick and easy ride using phase 1 of Path400. This multi-use trail provides some unique views of Buckhead and keeps you away from traffic.

Path400 bike trail


The Path400 trail has been open for a while now, but for some reason, I couldn’t figure out how to access it. Biking in Buckhead has never really appealed to me simply because of all of the congestion. I’ve spotted a few stretches of bike lanes here and there, but nothing that would convince me to ride out there. When I think of getting around Buckhead I think cars or maybe MARTA if the occasion calls for it.

Luckily, for this route, MARTA turned out to be the easiest way to access Path400. I took the train the Buckhead station and used the super convenient pedestrian walkway to arrive closest to the trail. Buckhead Loop NE will take you straight to the beginning of the trail right in front of the Buckhead wall.

along Path400

Since only phase one is complete right now the ride is very short, and even shorter when you consider the fact that it’s pretty much all downhill. Everything along the trail was very clean and well kept. I also appreciated the seating, bike racks and recycling along the way. One thing I would love to see at all of the trails in Atlanta are more bike fix-it stations. Otherwise, It seems like Path400 is off to great start and I can’t wait  to see how the next installment will increase pedestrian activity in Buckhead.

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