Grant Park Route

This Grant Park route is quick and easy. It begins at the Georgia State campus and ends in Grant Park. The ride itself is mostly flat with plenty of downhills to get you there without even breaking a sweat!

The first portion of the route has plenty of sharrows and bike lanes on busier streets, but caution is advised after turning onto Hill st where the bike lanes disappear. Once in the Grant Park neighborhood, the streets are quieter, and rest of the route leading to the park will be a breeze.

The park is a pretty decent size, so take some time to explore! The zoo is on the other end of the park from this direction and has free parking. Grant Park Coffeehouse is right across the street from the park with great outdoor seating. Sadly, the coffee shop doesn’t have any bike racks. An alternative option would be to use the racks provided in the park, but it’s kind of far from the coffee shop so I would take that latte to go.


Total Distance: ~3.8mi

Total Duration: ~26min

  • Quick ride
  • Some bike lanes/sharrows
  • Downhill going
  • Bike friendly back roads
  • Park setting
  • Free parking
  • Limited bike parking
  • Return route is slightly uphill

Nearby Bike Shops: Loose Nuts Cycles

Nearby Transit: Georgia State, King Memorial


Follow the link below to get the detailed directions for this route:

Grant Park Route

Grant Park



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