kennesaw bike route

Kennesaw Bike Route

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the downtown streets with this new route. This Kennesaw Mountain to Marietta Square bike route is the perfect weekend ride solo or with a group.

The route begins uphill, but once the mountain is in the distance the rest of the route is fairly flat. There is a nicely pave trail from the parking lot in front of the mountain to Kennesaw ave. which makes up the majority of the route. The trail cuts off at Kennesaw ave. and continues for a little while down Tower road. Keeping straight down Kennesaw ave. won’t be a hassle considering it is a pretty quiet residential area. There are some fascinating historic homes down this road, so take time to enjoy the scenery.

If you choose to continue down Kennesaw avenue, please use caution while crossing the train tracks to get to Church street. This street will take you straight into the square with plenty of things to do, see, and eat. Bike racks are provided over by the courthouse and there’s plenty of free parking in the area. There’s always something different going on in the square so grab your bike and try your luck!


Total Duration: ~38min.

Total Distance: 6.4mi.

  • Paved trail
  • Noonday Creek Trail Compatible
  • Mountain to River Trail Compatible
  • Free parking
  • Bike parking
  • Scenic route
  • Great group ride
  • Mild hills


Follow the link below to get the detailed directions for this route:

Kennesaw Mtn. Bike Route

Kennesaw Bike Route

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