New York Bike Route

New York City Bike Route : Puck to Penn

Here’s a quick and easy New York City bike route for those of you who are still skeptical about riding in a big city. I recently took a trip to New York so of course, I could not leave without squeezing in a couple of bike rides around the city.

New York City Bike Route Wagner

If this route seems a bit random that’s because it was. I had an appointment at NYU inside the Puck Building and then needed to make my way back to Penn Station to catch my train. The ride seemed easy enough and apparently, I have better direction on a bike than on foot.(strange) Also, there were about 20 shiny, blue Citi bikes all conveniently vying for my attention right outside the building. This was my first time using this particular bike share system and my first time biking in Manhattan.  What could go wrong?

Fortunately, nothing did go wrong and the ride was quick, flat, and easy to navigate. I was very impressed by the amount of clearly defined bike lanes they have. I even came across a few bicycle traffic lights which helped guide me through certain intersections. There was some construction going on in the area, but temporary pedestrian and bicycle paths were set up so as to not disturb the flow of traffic. Also, once I arrived at Penn Station I spotted a docking station at the Duane Reade across the street, so no time was wasted trying to find a place to lock up.

Some tips for this route are to be extra cautious of pedestrian activity, trash in bike lanes and turning vehicles. I noticed some pedestrians use the bicycle lanes as standing areas for hailing a cab, and the left turning vehicles can be a bit aggressive while trying to get through bikes and pedestrians. These are things one should always look out for, but I’m stating them here because those were the only minor setbacks I experienced while riding.

New York City Bike Route

Bicycle lanes, traffic lights, and protected detours, for a second there I thought I was back in Europe! From check out to check in, it seemed like the bicycles joined the natural flow of the city. It made me wonder why a big city like New York didn’t embrace bicycles sooner. I guess for now we all get to just enjoy the rides. Find your flow this summer and explore the city by bike!


Duration: 15min.

Distance: ~2.5mi.

  • Beginner route
  • Bike lanes
  • Bicycle traffic lights
  • Citi Bike
  • Mostly flat
  • Heavy pedestrian traffic
  • Scenic route
  • Plenty of bike share docking stations


New York City Bike Route

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