Philly Bike Route

Philly Bike Route


I had a fantastic time in Philly this past weekend, and of course I made time for a quick ride using the Indego bike share system. This Philly bike route is perfect for hitting some of the touristy spots in the City of Brotherly Love.

The route begins at one of the bike stations on Walnut street. Double check the Indego website or app to find out if there are any bikes available here. Checking out a bike is super easy and very cheap. There is no bike lane on this end of Walnut street, so you have to kind of wait for cars to slow up or stop before getting out into the street. Once you’re out there the ride isn’t too bad even with the amount of car traffic in the area.

Philly Bike Route

The first stop along this route is the Philadelphia City Hall. It’s a great spot for pictures especially since this is the new temporary home for the LOVE sign. Love park is right across the street, but due to some construction the sign has been moved. (Use caution while riding on S Penn Square and N Broad St)

One of the best things about this route is how flat it is from beginning to end. Another perk is that the rest of the route has plenty of well kept, clearly visible bike lanes leading straight to the famous Rocky steps. Also if you would like to check your bike back in/out, there is a station right in front of the steps for easy access.

This is the perfect route to take during a weekend trip to Philly, so grab a bike and see the sights!


Duration: ~20min.

Distance: 2.4mi.

  • Indego bike share system
  • Tourist attractions
  • Bike lanes
  • Bike racks
  • Some traffic heavy streets
  • Nearby public transit
  • Good for groups
  • Mostly flat
  • Bike friendly streets


Follow the link below to get the detailed directions for this route:

Philly Bike Route

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