King of Pops Bicycle Route

Rolling with the King of Pops

It’s King of Pops season! What better way to kick off National Bike Month than with a nice bicycle ride around town and a couple of cold ones. (popsicles of course!)

While KoP is typically identified by its multi-colored umbrella and popsicle cart, there are plenty of local stores that sell them as well. This route features some local pop stops around town that also keep these on hand for whenever you’re craving an all natural, hand-crafted treat.


This King of Pops adventure begins in one of my favorite neighborhoods, Grant Park. On one side of the park, there is a charming little market and deli called Bennett’s. The King of Pops freezer is conveniently placed near the entrance, so there’s no need to search. Bennett’s is also a perfect weekend lunch stop and a great place to fuel up for the ride ahead.  At each table, you will find a stack of cards containing interesting table topics that make for a very thought-provoking lunch hour with friends. The food and atmosphere are great, but the downside is the lack of bicycle parking at or near this location. It always baffles me how many of these great spots right across from public parks do not have adequate bicycle accommodations. I would love to see them replace one of those street parking spaces in front of the market with bicycle parking.

After your first pop stop, the ride continues down Boulevard which can turn into a traffic-heavy road, so use caution. The most troublesome area is the overpass crossing I-20. There are quite a few lanes of traffic and it’s not very bicycle friendly. Once past this area, Woodward and Barean avenue are more pleasant back roads that lead straight to the next stop, Little’s. Little’s Food Store is located on a fairly quiet street in Cabbagetown. While this food store might be smaller than the ones you’re used to OTP, it has all the necessities for this route. Just like the last place, King of Pops will greet you at the door with plenty of flavors to choose from.

King of Pops Little's

This route was especially fun to ride because of all of the bonuses along the way. There are some great murals along Wylie street after leaving Little’s, and the Krog street tunnel is always fun. Also, Edgewood and Decatur street have clearly defined bike lanes and bike boxes at designated intersections.

Wylie street

The next pop stop is at a coffee shop in Inman park. Inman Perk is one of my favorite coffee shops in Atlanta. They have plenty of seating and King of Pops has its own corner right next to the baked treats. This route may have been lacking in the bicycle parking until now. Inman Perk has bike racks in the rear parking deck, along the patio seating and out front. Also, If you’re nice, they might even let you use one of the indoor bicycle hooks in the back.


King of Pops Inman Perk

Be sure to visit the King of Pops website to check out other locations not mentioned in the post. The pop map will show you where to find the nearest cart. With that said, don’t be afraid to spoil yourself this bike month with plenty of King of Pops fueled bicycle adventures!


Duration: ~33 min.

Distance: 4.7 mi.

  • King of Pops
  • Free Wifi spots
  • Few traffic-heavy roads
  • minimal hills
  • Scenic route
  • minimal bike parking
  • bike lanes
  • Beltline compatible

Nearby bike shops: Loose Nuts Cycles and Atlanta Beltline Bicycle

Nearby Transit: King Memorial Station


Rolling with the King of Pops




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