kennesaw bike route

Kennesaw Bike Route

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the downtown streets with this new route. This Kennesaw Mountain to Marietta Square bike route is the perfect weekend ride solo or with a group. The route begins uphill, but once the mountain is in the distance the rest of the route is fairly flat. There […]

Grant Park Route

This Grant Park route is quick and easy. It begins at the Georgia State campus and ends in Grant Park. The ride itself is mostly flat with plenty of downhills to get you there without even breaking a sweat! The first portion of the route has plenty of sharrows and bike lanes on busier streets, […]

High Tea

This route takes on the Candler Park neighborhood of Atlanta. The park itself serves as a great starting point and rest area. The next phase of the route links to a paved walking and biking trail with mild hills. After circling back around through the paved trail, the rest of the route will continue on […]